A network switch designed for music lovers who want to obtain more audio sources through building a digital music streaming network, but also want to enjoy the purest audio quality possible.

The Bonn N16’s unique design consists of two individual 8-port switch subsystems and an advanced linear system power supply in a rack-mountable chassis. Each subsystem has a linear-powered TCXO clock module allowing transmission with less interference while sending accurately timed data over the audio network.

System Optimized For Better Audio Quality

Nowadays, many manufacturers use low-cost commodity components. Although acceptable for data transfer, it does not adequately support an audio-grade network. Thus, the N16 was born to pursue superior audio quality by improving many details without compromise.

Dual Zones Consist of Two Individual 8-Port Modules

The design of two subsystems enables flexible deployment. Users are able to daisy chain two zones, or connect both zones separately.

High-Permeability EMI Absorbers

Highly permeable EMI absorbers (>120 @1MHz) are applied inside the system to reduce electrical interference.

Built-in Advanced Linear Power Supply

Powered by Silent Angel’s power stabilization technology. The AC power flows through the toroidal transformer along with high-quality power management, MOSFET components with fast response time. It maintains stable system power and ensures extremely precise operations.

Exclusive Clock Module, TCXO

Each subsystem (Zone 1 and 2) contains one linear-powered Silent Angel’s TCXO(Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator), which is 50 times more precise than a general Crystal Clock, lowering latency issues and jitter effects.

Jitter Effect Improvement

When transmitting high-frequency network packets, distortion is a common effect. The N16 is effectively able to lower jitter effects and even go lower by daisy chaining one zone to another . (Learn More)


Rack-mountable design with mounting kit. Can be deployed with other A/V devices in the rack

Two Network Zones For HD Streaming

The N16 purifies audio network signals to create low-noise and low-interference environments perfect for music streaming. Each zone contains an individual 8-port Gigabit Ethernet subsystem and clock module, effectively separating your audio devices from household traffic and reducing the impact from network broadcasting storms and latency.

Parallel Connection Mode

Connect each zone to an uplink router or switch individually. Each zone's network traffic is isolated. Audio devices are separated in one zone, while PCs and other devices are in another zone.

Series Connection Mode

Connect Zone1 to an uplink router. Daisy chaining both zones helps to further purify Zone2’s network signals for audio devices’ deployment.

Optimized For Music Applications

  • Optimized for Roon infrastructure. e.g. Serve a network composed of Rhein Z1 as a Roon Core server, and Munich M1 as Roon Ready players.

  • Optimized for high-resolution streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and more.

  • Optimized for playing music collections from NAS (Network Attached Storage); works well with multiple brands such as QNAP, Synology, and WD NAS.

Further Upgrade

  • Vibration Suppression
    Minimize vibration and noise by using the S28 stainless steel stands.

Product Specification

Color Black
Ethernet Ports 1GbE RJ45 port x 16
Power Consumption 50W at max
LED Indicator Power LED (Green) x 1
Port Status LED x 16 (Light on when linked; Flash when it's active)
Green: 1000Mbps; Amber: 100Mbps
Temperature Operating: 32 ~ 86 °F
Storage: -4 ~ 158 °F
Humidity Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions 17.37 (W) inch x 1.74 (H) inch x 6.54 (D) inch
Weight 6.62 lbs
Document Download N16 LPS Quick Start Guide