Rhein Z1

Your Center of Digital Music, An Audiophile’s Ultimate Dream

High-performance music server with an advanced hardware mainboard, high-quality CNC aluminum alloy chassis, and optimized music server OS & software giving the pleasant user experience. Z1 is the ideal digital music center for your home audio network, as well as a solid computing node to serve versatile streaming services. Enjoy superior sound quality through your HiFi system.

New Update: Rhein Z1 is now officially MQA-supported and certified

Easy to Use, Pleasant User Experience

  • Stay connected to digital music – Play and enjoy anytime
  • Master your music server at your fingertips via mobile app, VitOS Manager
  • Install and enjoy various applications seamlessly
  • Essential core audio network to maximize your HiFi system’s sound performance

Mechanical Stability and Craftsmanship

Z1 is housed in the highest-grade CNC aluminum alloy chassis. Robust, vibration- and dust- free. No more excessive heat. Fanless, well-structured internal design provides efficient heat dissipation to keep the CPU and entire system running cool, but with zero fan-noise and extremely low electrical noise. A high permeability EMI absorber (> 120 @1MHz) is applied to reduce the noise from internal digital circuits including DRAM, CPU, etc.

Rhein Z1’s noise-filtering technology helps to reduce the noise:


Superior Hardware System and Mainboard

Z1 is born to pursue enhanced audio performance without any compromise.

  • High-performance yet low-power (6W) Intel CPU.
  • Advanced circuitry with high quality components.
  • Audio-grade SSD for system and music data storage. Noise-reduction via SATA signal optimization. Special-picked SSD modules with EMI absorber and special power regulation circuit inside to isolate the power noise from the SSD controller chip.

Optimized OS, VitOS

A well-structured, simple and elegant software design. Capable of running multiple music applications concurrently, with optimized audio output priority, low latency, high stability, and accelerated high-speed network transmission. VitOS makes Z1 a future-proof product –continuous software upgrade is available. The VitOS system update process will be protected by dual-firmware design, giving a redundant copy to prevent system failure due to unexpected power outage.

VitOS Block Diagram

Mobile App, VitOS Manager

  • Discover and configure the network settings of Z1.
  • Install and manage add-on packages on VitOS, including Roon Server (Roon Core and Roon Bridge), Spotify Connect, DLNA renderer & server, Orbiter Plug-in,… etc. on Z1.
  • Import the music files from a USB hard drive to Z1’s internal disk with the Music Importer feature.
  • Back up the stored music files to an external USB hard drive with the Music Backup feature.
  • Firmware update.

Z1 as Your Music Server

Use Z1 as a center of digital music to serve multiple players.

  • Roon Core
  • Shared storage of music files (over SMB/CIFS)
  • DLNA server

Z1 as a Transporter and a Roon Bridge

Connect Z1 to your DAC(Digital to Analog Converter) via USB connection, it will stream and output the digital signals including PCM, Native DSD(up to DSD256) or DoP(up to DSD64).

It supports several infrastructures:

  • Transporter
  • Roon Bridge
  • DLNA renderer (player)

Review and Gold Standard Award From Audio Arkitekts

Rhein Z1 has been reviewed by Audio Arkitekts and received a Gold Standard Award. See how they’ve said about us below:
” Are you looking for a Streamer, Music Server, Roon Core/Bridge that is silent in operation, cool to the touch, and works flawlessly? Well, I have found a really nice contender for your forever source. This is a source device that will give you all that you want and need to fill your thirst for digital music. In this video, I will explore the Silent Angel Rhein Z1 V2 and give you my best breakdown of features, experience, and value. “

Product Specification

Available ColorBlack / Silver
Interfaces1 x 100 / 1000 base-T GbE with link / speed indicator
1 x USB audio (supplies 5VDC @ 0.5A at max)
2 x USB 2.0 (supplies 5VDC @ 0.5A at max)
1 x USB 3.0 (supplies 5VDC @ 2A at max)
1 x HDMI 1.4
Power ButtonAluminum alloy material
Power IndicatorBlue light
System Disk120GB Silent Angel customized SSD
Storage Disk1TB or 2TB Silent Angel customized SSD (optional)
System OS VitOS
CPU Power Consumption6 Watt
SSD Power Consumption60 mWatt at max
EMI AbsorberSilent Angel Noise Absorber (SANA)
Power Adaptor12VDC 7A switching power adaptor
Chassis Material6061 aluminum alloy (at least 8mm thickness) chassis
Input PowerExternal power 12VDC at 2A at max. *
Power Consumption24W at max. **
Dimension7.87(W) inch x 2.56(H) inch x 7.87(D) inch
200(W) mm x 65(H) mm x 200(D) mm
Weight14.22 lbs / 6.45kg (gross weight)
TemperatureOperating: 32 ~ 86 °F (0 ~ 35 °C)
Storage: -4 ~ 158 °F (-20 ~ 70 °C)
HumidityOperating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing
CertificateCE, FCC

Please noted that DAC supports DSD with “DSD Native” is required for you to play DSD music up to DSD256 smoothly. If your DAC supports DSD with “DoP” (DSD over PCM) mode, then the Rhein Z1 only supports DSD music up to DSD64 (which means DSD128 or DSD256 is not supported in DoP mode).

*Operating at base frequency with all cores active.
**Under the condition when no USB external device is connected.