Munich MU

New Generation Audiophile-Grade Network Streamer, Delivers Ultimate Sound Quality

Designed for Ultimate Sound Quality.

Munich MU is High-End’s premier network streamer, advancing the formidable capabilities of the iconic M1. The development of a sophisticated, double-layer chassis design inspired by our State-of-the-Art Bonn NX and Genesis GX combined with meticulous fine-tuning and relentless testing, complemented by specialized system software, every effort has been devoted to creating an unmatched digital audio experience.

Seamless Music Source Integration

Cutting-Edge DAC and Analog Audio Output

Elegantly Refined Appearance Upgrade

Technological Innovations for Next-Generation Streaming

6-Core Processor

Designed to Achieve Superior Transmission Speed and Enhanced Stability

High Performance

Advanced power and grounding solutions for unmatched sound quality

TCXO - Clock Signal

Ultra-precise clock minimizes network latency and jitter issues

Radar Grade Switching Power Supply

Class-leading internal Power Module design

Highest Fidelity Analog Performance

Delivers Authentic and Natural Music Reproduction

Next-Generation Efficient System

Supports High Capacity NVMe SSD Storage

Enhanced Interface For High-Fidelity Digital Music.

Upgrading The Finest Systems: Featuring both XLR balanced and RCA (single-ended) outputs, coupled with an integrated ESS SABRE DAC, Munich MU delivers reference-grade analog sonics. Simply connect MU to your amplifier or active speakers and instantly elevate your audio system to a true high-end HiFi audio experience.
Versatile Audio Source with Expandable DAC connectivity via USB Audio port for rich high-definition digital output, meeting diverse connection needs. Enhanced with advanced lossless audio transmission for unparalleled sound quality.

Artisanal Craftsmanship for Authentic Analog Sound.

Double-Layer Chassis with Integrated Manufacturing Process.

Munich MU offers superior structural integrity compared to welded sheet metal enclosures, providing enhanced resonance damping and better electromagnetic interference isolation, thereby ensuring pristine audio quality.

The Perfect Digital Circuit, Engineered to Minimize Noise in Digital Signals.

Utilizing Unique Shielding Technology to Isolate Interference Between Digital and Analog Circuits.

Premium Audiophile-Grade Audio Components.

Precision EMI Interference Absorption Technology.

Ultimate Suppression Achieved Through Relentless Testing and Optimal Device Positioning.

High-Precision Clock Adjustment with Independent Circuitry.

High-Precision TCXO Clock Fine-Tuned Surrounding Power Circuitry to Femtosecond Levels.

External 10MHz Clock Input.

Utilizing High-Precision TCXO Clocks and optimizing the clock peripheral circuits, MU minimizes network latency and jitter to vanishingly low levels. Equipped with an internal/external clock selector switch, MU enables seamless switching between internal and external clock sources.

Abundant Streaming Music Services.

Leading Music Streaming Platforms Embedded, Offering MQA Audio Decoding and Seamless Access to High-Quality Online Music Content through Various Sources Including Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, DLNA, Airplay2, and Internet Radio.

Mobile App, VitOS Orbiter

Our robust and intuitive Streaming Platform enables users to easily locate and set up a new device, browse and stream music. Listen to all your favorite songs with details displayed including bit rate, sample rate, bit depth and format (e.g. DSD, WAV or FLAC).

Powerful Local Music Management with SSD Support.

With our VitOS Application, users can seamlessly manage up to 10TB of music files, allowing you to search, select favorite, create custom playlists, and categorize albums according to your preferences, just like having your own personalized music steward.


NAS Server


External Drive

USB Drive

Unlock Advanced Enhancements

Experience high-fidelity and stable audio transmission with the Bonn Series. Equipped with specialized anti-interference and noise reduction technology, it effectively reduces signal distortion and noise, ensuring exceptional audio quality and network performance.


Bonn NX

Ultimate Audiophile-Grade Network Switch

Bonn N8 Pro

8-Port Audiophile Grade Network Switch

Bonn N8

8-Port Audio-Grade Network Switch

The Genesis Series ensures audio accuracy and stability, meeting the discerning needs of audiophiles striving for the ultimate audio quality. It optimizes audio systems for digital music streaming environments with crucial word clock technology.

Genesis GX

Audio-Grade Word Clock

Upgrade power source with the Forester Series. Its stabilization technology provides extremely stable DC power with ultra-low voltage fluctuation to connected devices. A stable power source is essential for achieving ultimate sound quality.

Forester F2

Multiple 12V/5V DC Outputs

Aesthetic Beauty Brings Luxury Fashion into Your Listening Room.

Product Specification

Available ColorBlack, Silver
Ethernet1 GbE RJ45 x 1
Management SystemVitOS Orbiter (for iOS, Android)
LED IndicatorRed, green, and blue lights flash in sequence > System booting
Blue light remains steady > Startup process completed
Blue light stays steady > Standby mode
Red light blinks > Mute mode
Green light blinks > PCM output format
Blue light blinks > DSD output format
Digital OutputsAES/EBU port x 1
I2S port x 1*
Coxial port x 1
- Supports up to PCM 384KHz and DSD 5.6M (DSD128)

* I2S output signal is not compatible with Holo Audio's DAC
USB AudioUSB Audio port x 1
- Supports up to PCM 768KHz and DSD 11.2M (DSD256)
Analog OutputBalanced XLR Outputs, Unbalanced RCA (L+R) Outputs
USB external storageUSB 3.0 x 2
USB 2.0 x 1
External Clock Input Port10MHz x 1
CPUDual-core Cortex-72, frequency 1.8GHz +
Quad-core Cortex-A53, frequency 1.4GHz
RAMLow-Noise 4GB
Firmware and SystemHigh-Speed 32GB
SSD StorageM.2 NVMe SSD (2280) Reserved, Up to 4TB, This product does not include a hard drive.
Chassis MaterialAluminum alloy material sandblasted anodized appearance, Double-layer casing isolation design.
Weight4.65KG (10.25 lb)
PackagePlayer, Power cord, Network cable, Quick install guide, Warranty card.
Document DownloadMU Quick Start GuideSSD Installation Guide