About Silent Angel

Music Integrator, Hi-Fi Solution Provider, Audio Partner

Silent Angel takes its place as a pioneering powerhouse in the realm of Hi-Fi streaming, dedicated to crafting tailor-made solutions for audiophiles and enthusiasts of high-end audio.

We elevate auditory experiences and deliver impeccable components for residential Hi-Fi streaming networks. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, our achievements include VitOS, an in-house audio OS, a high-performance Roon music server and streamer, anti-interference network switches, a solid linear power supply, and premium accessories.

Our innovation revolves around a comprehensive Hi-Fi audio source system, eradicating noise, minimizing jitter, and ensuring stable power for pure sound. Each stride is dedicated to the pinnacle of Hi-Fi enjoyment. Unveil the potency of digital streaming with Silent Angel and embark on an unmatched auditory journey.

Thunder Data

You name it, we make it

Silent Angel’s product line aims to provide solutions for high-end audio consumer products and optimize the level of Hi-Fi music enjoyment by improving the signal quality and music server performance.

We're prepared for the future

Thunder Data product line delivers a complete solution, which includes servers, storage, cloud service, multiple nodes media playback deployment for hotels, schools, enterprises, etc., and delivers solutions for the upcoming 5G mobile and 8K video world.

Dr. Eric, Jian Huang


Dr. Eric Jian Huang received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2000.

In the year of 2013, Dr. Eric Jian Huang founded Cyphy Technology Co., Ltd.

In the year of 2017, Thunder Data Co., Ltd was founded.

Eric worked in Sun Microsystems in the region of performance and application engineering, network I/O performance optimization, and database/webserver performance optimization, and worked in Intel in the region of Cluster Computing, interconnect performance tunning, storage I/O tracing, evaluation of file system performance, H.264 Video conferencing, and technology management.

Previously worked in EMC China as CTO in the region of high availability feature design and implementation, Next Generation Unified Storage products and solutions, and Storage for Virtual Data Center (VDC).

Chorus Chuang


Chorus received his master’s degree in electrical engineering from Tsing Hua University in 2001.

He worked in ZyXEL communication for DSLAM products and delivered FTTx solutions to CHT (Chunghwa Telecom) and NEC. And also developed a NAS product for TDC Telecom for an online music subscription service.

Afterward, he worked in QNAP in the region of app center 3rd party development, social network application, and search engine, and in 2014, Silent Angel was founded and started to contribute what he had learned in communication, network, storage, and computing into the digital audio system.

Sky Luo

Staff Engineer

Sky received his bachelor’s degree in information and computing science from Fujian University of Technology.

Afterward, he dedicated himself to algorithm research in video compression, video streaming, and data fusion for over 8 years. And has very good skills in Java, C, C++, iOS apps, and Android JNI development.

Silent Angel - Better sound, better life

We started our music journey in 2014. The fact that digital music system carries more data than CD, but the sound quality can not compete with it. The pleasure of listening to the high sound quality of music should be kept.

we want to unleash the power of digital music systems. It should be better than CD and beyond. We are not alone, there are groups of music lovers who keep pursuing higher music enjoyment, supporting and following us.