Forester FX

Advanced Audiophile-Grade Adaptive Power Supply

Deliver Authentic, Pure, and Pristine Sound

Forester FX is a customized HiFi adaptive power supply tailored for GX, NX, Z1 Plus, Z1C, and MU, as well as WiFi Routers and NUCs, it serves not only as a power source but also as the guardian of your musical journey. Compared to traditional linear power supplies, switching power supplies offer better operational stability due to the characteristics of switching transistors. FX aims to deliver our customers authentic, pure, and complete sound.

Dynamically Stable Power Output

Handpicked Audiophile-Grade Components

Elegantly Refined Appearance Upgrade

Innovative Hybrid Power Supply Designed for Audiophiles

Dynamic Power Distribution

Ensure HiFi Power Output Remains Dynamically Stable at 12V

Multiple Voltage Outputs

Multiple DC Outputs Provide an Ideal Solution for Power Source Upgrades

Remote Sensing Technology

Accurately detect device needs, ensuring stable voltage regulation.

Advanced High-Frequency Filters

Effectively Reduce Noise for Unmatched Audio Quality

Highly Permeable EMI Noise Absorber

Minimize Noise and Vibrations to the Greatest Extent

Radar Grade Hybrid Power Supply

Class-leading Internal Power Module Design

Adaptive Power Supply for Premium HiFi Experience

Utilize Superior Remote Sensing Technology to accurately detect the actual voltage requirements of connected devices, ensuring the most stable voltage regulation effect. Achieve ultra-stable power output with minimal voltage fluctuations.

Versatile Multiple DC Outputs 5V x 1, 9V x 1, 19V x 1, 12V x 4, Maximum 100W accommodate various HiFi streaming systems. This flexibility ensures precise network data transmission, minimizes jitter and latency, and enhances sound quality while offering a stable operating environment for optimal device performance.

The Most Stable Streaming Adaptive Power Solution.

Double-Layer Chassis with Integrated Manufacturing Process.

Forester FX offers superior structural integrity compared to welded sheet metal enclosures, providing enhanced resonance damping and better electromagnetic interference isolation, thereby ensuring pristine audio quality.

Premium Audiophile-Grade Audio Components.

The Perfect Circuit, Engineered to Minimize Noise in Digital Signals.

Utilizing Unique Shielding Technology to Isolate Interference Between Digital and Analog Circuits.

Precision EMI Interference Absorption Technology.

Ultimate Suppression Achieved Through Relentless Testing and Optimal Device Positioning.

Advanced HiFi Power Architecture.

Multiple Intelligent Dynamic Power Distribution Technology  achieves high dynamics, high efficiency, low noise, and low heat for a complete audiophile-grade streaming power solution.

Comprehensive Listening Experience Upgrade

Power supply for HiFi-grade streaming devices requires more dynamic adjustments, stable voltage, and lower jitter. This can enhance the overall system performance significantly. Utilizing FX allows other devices to exceed their potential.

Rhein Z1C

Perfect HiFi-Grade Music Server

Rhein Z1 Plus

High Performance Music Server

Rhein Z1

Ideal Digital Music Center

Munich MU

Ultimate Network Streamer

Munich M1

Music Streamer With DAC and Headphone Amp

Munich M1T

The Network Music Transporter

Bonn NX

Ultimate Audiophile-Grade Network Switch

Bonn N8 Pro

8-Port Audiophile Grade Network Switch

Bonn N8

8-Port Audio-Grade Network Switch

Genesis GX

Audio-Grade Word Clock

Product Specification

Available Color Black, Silver
Power InputIEC power socket
Voltage Output12VDC x4 / 5VDC x1 / 9VDC x1 / 19VDC x1, maximum output of each port is 3A, maximum total output power is 100 Watt. each output equipped with sense terminal.
InternalEnhanced reduction of EMI noise and vibration.
Fuse holder for fuse replacement.
ExternalStainless steel footpads with rubber rings.
Chassis MaterialAluminum alloy exterior + SECC interior
TemperatureOperating: 0 ~ 30 °C (32 ~ 86 °F)
Storage: -20 ~ 70 °C (-4 ~ 158 °F)
HumidityOperating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions439(W) x 63(H) x 250(D)mm
17.29(W) x 2.49(H) x 9.95(D)inch
Weight19.8lbs / 9kg
Document DownloadFX Quick Start Guide