Rhein Z1C

The Perfect Entry-Level HiFi Music Server, Delivering Uncompromised Streaming Experience

A Shiny New Product in HiFi Music Server Market

Tailored for popular music streaming services, the Z1C boasts Silent Angel’s famed audio-grade OS (VitOS), network streaming capabilities, music library features, and electro-magnetic signal optimization, delivering a unique digital audio experience.

Easy Install, Seamless Experience

Simplified Layout, Full Features

Exceptional Mechanical Engineering

Innovative Technology Redefining Entry-Level Music Server Standards

Versatile High-Resolution Format Support

Support A Large Number of High-Resolution Audio Formats for Digital Audiophiles

Hi-Res Streaming Platform Compatibility

Compatible with Most of the Major Streaming Platforms

Advanced High-Frequency Filters

Effectively Reduce Noise for Unmatched Audio Quality

TCXO - High Precision Clock Signal

Minimizes Network Latency and Jitter Problems

Support Multi Player Streaming

Simultaneous Delivery of up to 10 Audio Endpoints

Latest Storage Subsystem

Supports High Capacity and high speed NVMe SSD Storage

Enhanced Interface For High-Fidelity Digital Music.

Elevate Audio Quality with Clock Selector Utilize an external 10MHz clock source connected to the Z1C for precise timing and optimal performance. By selecting the appropriate clock source, you can further enhance the quality of your audio playback and immerse yourself in a truly captivating listening experience.

Versatile Audio Outputs with Expandable DAC connectivity. Optimized USB Audio port for rich high-definition digital signal delivery, meeting diverse connection needs.

Flawless Minimalism with Complete Streaming Solution

Exquisite Craftsmanship for Perfect Audio Creation

Rhein Z1C features a durable aluminum alloy housing that safeguards against vibration, dust, and noise, guaranteeing exceptional sound quality in any setting.

Optimized Circuit to Minimize Digital Signal Noise

Utilizing Unique Shielding Technology to optimize interference in digital circuits.

Audiophile-Grade Electrical Components

Uncompromised Expertly Curated Audiophile-Grade Components Delivering Exceptional Sound Quality.

Innovatively Utilizing EMI Absorbing Materials

Best Anti-Interference Achieved  through Repeated Testing, Selecting the Optimal Position.

External 10MHz Clock Input.

Utilizing High-Precision TCXO Clocks and optimizing the clock peripheral circuits, Z1C minimizes network latency and jitter to vanishingly low levels. Equipped with an internal/external clock selector switch, Z1C enables seamless switching between internal and external clock sources.

Abundant Streaming Music Services.

Leading Music Streaming Platforms Embedded, Offering MQA Audio Decoding and Seamless Access to High-Quality Online Music Content through Various Sources Including Qobuz, Spotify Connect, DLNA, Airplay2 and Internet Radio.

Mobile App, VitOS Manager

  • Discover and configure the network settings of Z1C.
  • Install and manage add-on packages on VitOS, including Roon Server (Roon Core and Roon Bridge), Spotify Connect, DLNA renderer & server, Orbiter Plug-in, and more on the Z1C.

  • Import the music files from a USB hard drive to Z1Cs internal disk with the Music Importer feature.
  • Back up the stored music files to an external USB hard drive with the Music Backup feature.
  • Online firmware update push.

Powerful Local Music Management with SSD Support.

With our VitOS Application, you can seamlessly manage up to 10TB of music files, allowing you to search, select favorite, create custom playlists, and categorize albums according to your preferences, just like having your own personalized music steward.

Internal NVMe SSD

NAS Server


External Drive

USB Drive

Unlock Advanced Enhancements

Experience high-fidelity and stable audio transmission with the Bonn Series. Equipped with specialized anti-interference and noise reduction technology, it effectively reduces signal distortion and noise, ensuring exceptional audio quality and network performance.


Bonn NX

Ultimate Audiophile-Grade Network Switch

Bonn N8 Pro

8-Port Audiophile Grade Network Switch

Bonn N8

8-Port Audio-Grade Network Switch

The Genesis Series ensures audio accuracy and stability, meeting the discerning needs of audiophiles striving for the ultimate audio quality. It optimizes audio systems for digital music streaming environments with crucial word clock technology.

Genesis GX

Audio-Grade Word Clock

Upgrade power source with the Forester Series. Its stabilization technology provides extremely stable DC power with ultra-low voltage fluctuation to connected devices. A stable power source is essential for achieving ultimate sound quality.

Forester F2

Multiple 12V/5V DC Outputs

Product Specification

Available ColorBlack / Silver
CPUIntel Quad-core CPU J4125
StorageNVMe SSD, 250GB / 1TB /2TB / 4TB
Ethernet1GbE x 1
USB Audio PortUSB Audio Port x 1
Expansion USB PortUSB 3.1 x 2
USB 2.0 x 1
External Clock Input Port10MHz x 1
Chassis MaterialAluminum alloy chassis
Input PowerExternal power 12V / 3A (5.5mm x 2.5mm connector)
TemperatureOperating: 32 ~ 86 °F (0 ~ 30 °C)
Storage: -4 ~ 158 °F (-20 ~ 70 °C)
HumidityOperating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
Dimension7.87(W) inch x 2.56(H) inch x 7.87(D) inch
200(W) mm x 65(H) mm x 200(D) mm
Weight7.5lbs / 3.4kg
CertificateCE, FCC
Document DownloadZ1C Quick Start Guide